Hendell Aviation

Hendell Aviation Oy was established in 2004. In 2008 we received European joint aviation certification, which allowed us to operate as an EU-OPS Commercial Air Operator.

We are the first company in Europe to operate Single-Engine Commercial operations - this approval was received early 2013.

Over the years our expertise has been gained in multirole operations in Finland and abroad. Currently we have bases in Finland and Switzerland.

Hendell Aviation's dedication is to offer our clients versatile aviation services for their  needs. We want to hear our clients specific mission and tailor every flight as desired. 

Providing high standard  aviation services we want to share the values of our customers. In the modern world our sustainable solution of "low fuel - low emissions" is the highest priority and the way we want to fly!

Despite the Covid-19, the Pilatus PC-12 fleet of 15 aircrafts are flying and expanding!
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