Sustainable Responsibility

Sustainable responsibility

In the world of responsible corporate governance, the efforts for sustainable solutions are among the highest priorities for many. Travel needs play an important role for companies and the carbon footprint of logistics is often carefully considered.

The Pilatus PC-12 is one of the leading aircraft in the world in terms of economical and sustainable travel. Economical and sustainable in this case means low fuel burn, and carbon emissions are directly relative to fuel burn.

The PC-12’s carbon emissions are lower than any of its turboprop competitors and about 1/3 of those of a business jet with similar size and capacity. With 8 passengers the CO2 emissions of the PC-12 are a mere 125 g/km/pax – a figure that compares well even with the low emission cars.

In addition to the low emissions of the aircraft we as a company take the environment seriously and reduce our emissions footprint by implementing flight methods that even further reduce CO2 emissions.

Despite the Covid-19, the Pilatus PC-12 fleet of 15 aircrafts are flying and expanding!
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