One of the unique features of the PC-12 is the multirole capability of the aircraft; this is achieved in part with the versatile pressurized cabin of the aircraft. The cabin can be set up in many different configurations to meet all kinds of missions including executive, commuter and cargo transport.

In Executive configurations the PC-12 offers a 6-8 seat cabin designed by BMW Group Designworks with four opposite facing club seats equipped with fold-away tables for business meetings in the air and two or four separate clubs seats for a bit more privacy. In commuter configurations the aircraft offers eight forward facing seats. Cargo transport is made easy and efficient by a large rear cargo door and cabin furnishing that allows easy securing of cargo.

The cabin of the PC-12 is larger and offers more comfort than any of its competitors in the turboprop class and even most entry-level jets, all this with significantly lower costs.

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Despite the Covid-19, the Pilatus PC-12 fleet of 15 aircrafts are flying and expanding!
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