Aircraft management

Aircraft management

Owning an aircraft is a major investment that comes with considerable responsibilities. When you select Hendell Aviation / Fly 7 to support the operation of your aircraft, you gain a full range of services focused on Safety, Service and Savings. Our focus on the management of your aircraft allows you to enjoy the benefits of your investment – Flexibility, Comfort and Quality. The best of all, with our solution you can expect to gain reasonable ROI - Return of Investment, in addition to enjoy your own flying!

All the services we provide to support you and your aircraft revolve around safety. Hendell Aviation is focused on continuous monitoring of flight operations, managing our flight crew training and promoting the safety throughout the company. Hendell Aviation uses the Safety Management System (SMS) to enhance our safety practices.

1. In our model your aircraft is fully attached to Hendell Aviation's AOC and CAMO. We take care of your dedicated pilots' training with the highest industry standards. We perform your own flights with the commercial aviation
standards, which have been adapted from the high end business aviation and heavy airline industry. Our CAMO will ensure you the best possible maintenance and care of your aircraft.

 2. As your aircraft is fully commercial after the step 1, in exclusive partnership with Lausanne, Switzerland based Fly 7 Executive Aviation, we manage the commercial part of your aircraft. Through the best brokerage network in Europe, we enable chartering of your aircraft efficiently, making your aircraft simultaneously a joy for yourself and a real investment, which you can justify to yourself and the possible associates.

Despite the Covid-19, the Pilatus PC-12 fleet of 15 aircrafts are flying and expanding!
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