Cargo flights

Our Pilatus PC-12 aircraft is extremely versatile and can be quickly adapted to a combi or full cargo configuration. When carrying small cargo we will remove the rear seats from the aircraft  and still have the capability to carry 2-4 passengers in the cabin. This aforementioned combi-configuration gives us the opportunity to transport both passenger and cargo at the same time. For larger volumes of cargo we can remove all the seats from the aircraft, allowing the whole cabin to be used for cargo transport.
The PC-12 can carry up to 1500 kg of freight and the large (1,35m x 1,32m) cargo door at the rear of the aircraft allows easy and efficient loading of larger pieces of freight. These can be loaded into the aircraft with a forklift for example.
Despite the Covid-19, the Pilatus PC-12 fleet of 15 aircrafts are flying and expanding!
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